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When I speak to brands and businesses about a video, viral is usually one of the main things people want from a piece of content.  In fact, the term seems to have exploded in the last 12 months or so.

The honest answer to anyone is, there is no magic formula for making a piece of content go viral.  You could make the most polished piece of content and it is seen by nobody, and then film yourself on your phone talking while you walk and it goes crazy on views.

There are loads of stats about video accounting for 70% of all consumer traffic, and that mobile video ads are growing faster than anything on desktop, and landing pages with video have almost 800% better conversion rates.  So, that being said, maybe it’s time to learn how to do a spot of video for yourself, it doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to crack into it.

1. Centre it Around Value, DO NOT SELL

 I’m not sure how many times I’m going to have to say this, but, all your content, networking, blogs, social media, you always have to give value to your followers.  So, if you’re going to do your own videos, look at giving them total value within it.  I.E. You’re from a car leasing company, film the car, and then give it an honest review.  People will build a level of trust with you more so than if you just say, ah yes, this new car we’ve got in is amazing people are quickly going to get to grips with the fact all you’re doing is selling, and switch off just as quickly.
So think about the value you’re able to give in whatever content you’re looking to create.

2. Make it the Best 5 Seconds Ever

When you’re on YouTube you must have seen the skip ad button pop up after 5 seconds.  Basically, you’ve got this long to grab your viewers attention and stop them clicking away, and then another 5 seconds or so to keep them before they may click away again.  So you need to make this the best 5 or 10 seconds worth of content ever.
So get to the nitty gritty straight away, most people buy on an emotion, so where you’re giving them value, don’t sell, so think about perhaps the pain you’re trying to fix with your product.  So if you’re a   web developer or something, you could ask, “how are people using your website?” NOT, “Let me make you a new website”

3. Stop waiting for PERFECT

I am so tired of hearing the excuse, “but, it’s not perfect” for not putting out a piece of content. I’m going to be brutally honest here, if you’re a new business, and you’re trying to build your brand, people don’t want perfect, they just want to know what it is you do, and how you can help them, they really don’t give a damn about your content being all shiny and perfect.  Just start creating, hopefully, virility can come later. So do the following:




It’s really that simple, rinse and repeat that process 100 times, 1000 times, 10,000 times and you’ll build your brand with simple, easy to create, content with value to the viewer.

4. Tag the hell out your content

I see so many people creating content, putting it up on youtube, or releasing a great blog etc. and not tagging their content, or even worse on YouTube not even putting anything into their description box.
I AM SICK AND TIRED of hearing video companies scream out loud about how video will increase SEO and Dwell Times and Conversion Rates, but, they don’t explain the basics to a business or brand about how it does that.
If you do not put a description into your videos, it will not get seen, it’s that simple, AND, if you do not put your website into your description box, GOOGLE will not link the two together and double up your SEO from the tags you’ve put on the video…..oh you’ve not put tags on your video, well get that done too, and in fact, one of my big tips is, once you’ve blogged and done your live video on the subject, upload it to a video hosting website and embed that video into your blog on your website, so you’re really helping google tie the two in to each other.

5. Educate & Prove Yourself

The chances of you having a straight off viral hit with a piece of content are very slim, and in fact, the chances of it ever happening are just as slim too.  It does kind of depend on what you class as viral. About 8 years ago, youtube classed a video that gained 200+ views in less than 16 hours a viral video, now, you wouldn’t get near the youtube trending page without 1,000,000 views, and you honestly can’t expect that to happen, but, if you release content on a regular basis, learn more about YouTube as you go along and begin to understand more about how it works, how your audience works, and you educate yourself while you prove yourself with your value driven content, then your audience will slowly become raving fans.
Look, the thing is, you’re not likely to have that viral hit you so crave. So think about your content carefully, speak to a professional team who will help you shape your content and should tell you where you need to be putting what, rather than just going on about the virtues of what it could do for you.
If I can ever help with some advice, don’t hesitate to drop me a line, or maybe hit me up on skype, it’s always nice to speak to new people. [email protected]
Speak soon, Simon