There are so many ways video marketing can help businesses. Traditionally, video commercials have been overly expensive for companies to produce, and even if they could, actually getting it out there in front of an audience would have been beyond their financial means.

That is no longer the case, thanks to the internet and sites like YouTube.

  • People want information, but they don’t have the patience to sit and read a long page full of text. It’s much easier and more convenient for them to watch a five minute video. It’s also easier for a company to get a point across with audio and visuals, rather than trying to explain the point with words.
  • You get a chance to add a call to action with videos. You can inform viewers at the end to visit your website to learn more about the subject matter, or to give you a call. Video hosting sites also have a description area where you can include your website URL and information about what you have to offer.
  • If you have trouble getting traffic to your site or blog, you have the chance to go viral with a video if you make it interesting enough (there is no magic formula to making a video go viral, it’s just about getting it right for your brand). Your site might not show up in the first page of a Google search, but your video might just make it on the front page of a YouTube search result.  Also, don’t forget to embed your video on the home page of your website
  • Video marketing allows you to introduce your company’s personality. While photos are important, they don’t convey a personality the same way videos do.
  • Through video marketing, you can prove that you are an expert. Anybody can put up a website and claim that they are some sort of expert about something, but how can consumers believe that they are telling the truth? Show your audience that you truly know what you are talking about by making demonstrative videos.
  • In product videos, you can actually SHOW people what it is, how it works, and how it can help them. It’s no secret that videos increase purchase confidence among interested viewers. More than half of YouTube visitors have watched at least one product video.  Think of your website as a 24 hour shop window, make sure you show people everything you want them to see.
  • Videos WILL help with your websites SEO efforts, as Google includes videos in its search results. Search engines take notice whenever a video is getting a lot of views. This will not only bring hugeawareness to your brand, it should also tie in with your overall marketing strategy.

Then, when you’re ready to make videos, try to come up with original and creative ideas for your brand, or speak to a visual marketing agency like ours to find out more. [email protected]

Here’s just some of the brands we’ve helped to grow, with their video content