Podcasts are an excellent way for you to speak directly to your audience of raving fans in a frictionless way.

Every other form of content creates a level of friction

VIDEO you have to stop everything else to watch and consume it
BLOG you have to stop everything else to read it
MEMES you have to go onto social media channels and scroll or search to find your fav content

PODCASTING on the other hand, on your medium of choice you’ll subscribe to your fav podcasts and your phone, computer, etc. will download them automatically for you to consume. You literally have to do nothing but plug in your headphones or Bluetooth kit to consume the content.

So, when podcasts are currently growing astronomically right now with all age groups.

18-24 18% listen
25-34 28% listen
35-44 21% listen
45-54 16% listen
55-64 11% listen
65+ 6% listen

And 550,000 podcasts are listened to, why wouldn’t you want to be part of those listening figures with your content and value?

To find out how you can easily being podcasting today, drop me a line to chat (link in my profile)