So, yes the title of this blog today is meant to catch your attention, and even be ever so slightly a case of click bait.

However, the big question is still, are you breaking the law?

Perception Studios recently sent Simon on the PfAW, CAA approved, drone commercial licence course.  Simon has over 100 flying hours as a PPL (Which he sadly let lapse), so we thought he’d be the ideal candidate.  In his own words on his return “I thought I knew a fair bit about UAV’s, but, some of the stuff they taught us, is just scary, so many people are breaking the law” which is why we’re asking you this very question.

Here are 5 reasons you might be breaking the law if you’ve used UAV photography or video in the past.

  1. Are you using any footage or photography captured by a none licensed pilot? If this content is making YOU, or THEM anything monetarily, that is over the price of a single pint of beer, it doesn’t have to be cash in your pocket, it could even be as simple as increased crop yields.  Also, anyone flying without a PfAW from the CAA, IS NOT INSURED.  This means, if they cause any damage to vehicles, vessels, structures or worse people…..they and you are not covered, and you WILL end up with a hefty bill.
  2. Have you used footage captured by someone flying over an event where more than 1000 people have been gathered?  The law states you must stay at least 150m away from any gathering of over 1000 people.  Now, this doesn’t mean you can just fly at a height of 151m, as the law is based on the distance from the edge of the gathering outwards to the UAV, with a cone reaching upwards into the sky.
  3. Are you using footage from over a main road?  Any footage captured where the pilot and his team don’t have control over the entire area i.e. A road with cars driving up and down it, or a shop with people walking in and out of it.
  4. Are you selling a property, using aerial photography? This is again classed as commercial gain.
  5. Have you flown near an airport or in a specific airspace? Unless you understand airspaces you could be flying in an illegal area.  For example: Paris has been declared a no-fly zone for UAVs.  If you’re caught flying a drone there, you could be slapped with a €75,000 fine, and a maximum of five years in jail.

Simon, is fully qualified to fly for us commercially, and IS insured for flying through COVERDRONE, after passing his CAA approved ground school.

If you’re interested in aerial photography or video, let’s chat.  We’ll hopefully be able to help, and you won’t be staring down any issues with the authorities.

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