So, you’re prepared for you live video. You have it all planned out, you’ve got your 3 or 4 great resonating moments / bullet points to help you talk about your blog subject as a true voice of authority. However, how do you talk to, not at your audience?

This is something I struggled with as a radio presenter. My first snoop (listen back to a show with the boss) went something like this. “Simon, how’re you going to connect with the listener. Right now you’re talking at them, they won’t want to be your mate or go for a pint with you, you need to create an emotional connection”. So off I went with those words ringing in my ears, how the hell was I going to make a connection with the audience when they’re not there for me to bounce off, to respond to what I’m saying or more importantly, for me to talk to. That’s when it struck me, what I needed was something to replace them in the studio, something that meant I was able to connect and talk to them without them all being in the studio with me.
I placed a small stuffed toy on the window sill just behind the mic and started talking to him, it felt instantly different, having that thing to talk to made all the difference. Obviously he didn’t talk back to me or laugh at my jokes (it’d be really fucking scary if he did) but, it made all the difference to my style of communication to an invisible audience. This is how you need to approach your live video content, place a soft toy behind the lens, a photo of a best friend, your partner, a loved one, just someone or something you can talk to, rather than worrying about the audience behind the lens or the picture of you on the screen.
Make sure it’s behind the lens and nowhere else, and you’ll absolutely fly and feel the difference instantly yourself too.

As always, you know where I am if you need to ask any questions or need further help [email protected]