So, our next advent tip is my 5P’S……Preparation prevents piss poor performance.

If you go into your live video prepped and ready, you’ll 100% smash it out the part. You’ve already got your 3 or 4 great resonating moments from your blog, you’ve written the blog too, so you’re a “VOICE OF AUTHORITY”. So now it’s time to understand the simple structure of your live video.

1. Introduce yourself, nobody knows who the hell you are, and even if they do, the new people joining your channel will not, so make sure they know who you are, what you do, where you do it etc. etc. Don’t waffle on for ever, but, give them a good 60 / 90 second introduction to you and what you’re there to help them with

2. Once you’ve introduced yourself, it’s into the subject matter at hand, so this is your blog content, use the bullet points you’ve taken down to help you flow the story you’re talking about and make sure you’re giving value, but you know the subject matter well, you’ve researched it, written about it, it’s your arena and people are coming to learn not to laugh

3. Give people a CTA (Call to action). This isn’t a chance for you to throw a sales pitch at the audience, this is a chance to open the floor to more discussions, maybe an email to create a connection, remember, social media is all about being SOCIAL, it’s not a selling tool, not until you enter the realms of advertising instead of plain and simple communicative content.

So, get out there now and prepare that live video, we’ve more tips coming to help you overcome the fear.

If you’ve any questions, drop me a line [email protected] and I’ll chat to you soon.