So, I’ve got you to the stage where you’ve just done an amazing live video, and it’s full of content and value for the audience, who’ve absolutely loved it, those that have got round to watching it. However, this is where the hard work begins, you need to get the content downloaded to you can start to make that live video work harder for you.

So, how do you download a live video content. Well, all content online has a web address, you just need to get hold of that web address and then use it on a site like or to download the content you’ve created.

Once you’ve got hold of the master video from the site you did the live on, then you’ve got a whole world of opportunity in front of you through re-purposing etc. but first, we’ll cover where to put the content…..TOMORROW.

As always, you know where I am if you need to ask any questions or need further help [email protected]