So, this is it, you’re going live….but when?

Sticking to a schedule is massively important. It’s how you can really begin to build a group of raving fans who’ll watch your content on a regular basis. You see, we like schedules, especially when it comes to consuming other peoples content. If we know when something is going to happen, we make time in our day to consume it…..i.e EASTENDERS, BIG BROTHER etc. etc.

So, when you go live, be sure this is a time and day you’re able to do every single week. Stick to the schedule, and people will know exactly when to come back to your channel, week in, week out to consume your content. Even better, you’re able to create events on channels like Facebook, so people are able to add it to their diaries on the platform and be alerted as to when you’re going live.

As always, you know where I am if you need to ask any questions or need further help [email protected]