So, we’re onto day 3 of our tips for your content marketing.  So, todays tip is very prevalent for this month, as we’ll all be looking to set our goals soon for 2019, so the big thing to add into your planning for the next year is your marketing plan, and more specifically connected to blogs.

Blogs are a great way to step into the world of content, but, so many people worry about what things they’re going to write about and when they’re going to write about them.  That’s why a marketing plan is ideal, it helps you understand what content you’ll be writing when, so when you’re putting it together you need to start looking about what things are happening that you could tie the content back into.

For example, one client of mine is a leadership coach, so they wrote a piece of great value driven content about why Darth Vader is a bad boss so the architect of the Death Star missed the weakness that caused it to be blown up, all in time for publishing on May 4th, Star Wars day.

So, there you go, start planning your content, and even better the next 52 blogs, that way you have ideas for a years worth of blog based content that will keep your business message on point with every piece of content you release.