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It’s day two of the advent tips.  So, we’ve all heard the fact that video is a top way of building your brand awareness and making a true emotional connection to your raving fans and audience.

However, this might seem crazy coming from a video company, but, is video the answer for you?  The right video companies won’t just come in and tell you video is what you need and not discuss the type of content you might need.

Not every business needs a video on their website, just like not every business needs campaign based content for their products.

A good video company will come in and discuss the content you need for your business, making sure you understand how your website is performing and what visuals you need to get the most for your business, especially when budget is tight.

So, before you start listening to all the amazing MAGIC statements of video will increase your SEO, Dwell times and conversion rates, make sure you’re getting the right content made for your business and you’re not just getting a video because you’ve heard from everyone you should have a video for your company.


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