As a business owner, you’ll already know the power of investing in video, and it’s massive potential to help, educate and engage your current and future clients about your products and services.

However, as a brand/business, what is it that’s stopping you taking the plunge into the video market?

Here are 4 signs you should be investing in video for your business.

You’re web / marketing teams talk about increasing your SEO (search engine optimisation)

Video, will help increase this for your business, by being tagged like your website, and also linked back to, or even embedded into your site by the video hosting site.  In addition to the increased SEO, video will also help increase your sites dwell times, and, conversion rates, if used correctly.

You want to generate more leads

Regular use of videos in your marketing (email campaigns, social media etc), with a great call to action at the end, can really help increase your digital leads.

Your product requires a demonstration

How many times have you visited a website, but, not wanted to scroll through and read the description of a product?  A video is a superb way of doing this for customers, it allows them to see the product in use, and creates a strong emotional connection with the customer. A great example of this is when Apple do their keynote talks.  At first you may not get excited by the brand new Apple pencil, and then you watch this, and it creates a totally different emotional state.

Add in again a strong C.T.A at the end of the video and you’ll also help increase those sales figures / leads.

You want to build brand credibility

Earning the trust of your customers is paramount in business, and telling a compelling story about your brand / business will help build that emotional connection between you

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