Hi, I’m Simon Scholes, the creative director and founder of Perception Studios.

So, something I hear a lot from people is “I’ve already got a video” or my personal favourite “Video just doesn’t work for us”.  Now as much as these statuses could be potentially true, they’re more than likely not.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, we speak to many brands and businesses who have had an all singing and dancing video created, but, they haven’t put it too good use, and herein lies the first lesson of the day “A VIDEO WILL NOT BRING YOU BUSINESS ON IT’S OWN”.

Having some amazing content sitting on your website is great, but, if nobody visits your website how is it meant to work for you? So here are my three ways to make your visual content work for you.


Do you have the above in place for your business, for 2018?  Many businesses, especially sole traders or small partnerships, struggle enough to find the time to do everything, but, this really is one of the more important tasks for the start of the year, and will really help save you some time in the future anyway.  Once you have a marketing schedule in place, you can write blogs ahead of time, schedule them, and know you have great content.

Marketing Schedule
Have you got this in place yet?

Also, when you have this in place, then you can think more strategically about your visual content. How you want it to impact your customers, and where you want to put it, and most importantly, what you’d like to do when?  Do you want photos, short-form video content, memes, cinema graphs etc. etc. the list goes on and on, there are so many areas to consider, each with their own merits.


It’s not a new tool, but, have you tried Facebook live yet?

Have You Done Your First Facebook Live?

We speak to a lot of people who struggle with the idea of spending money on video, but, this is a free option, that really helps you get your name out to your business fans, with truly unique content.  Be it a question and answer session, or you speaking about a subject within your sector, and just 12 months ago it was found that 81% of people watched more live streaming content than the year before, and the popularity of searching for a Facebook live on the site itself rose by over 300% last year.

Some other exciting facts about Facebook live are :

  • The content is watched for 3 X longer than none live video
  • Once you have an audience, users comment on live content about 10 X more than on regular content
  • 1 in 5 facebook videos is live content

And now Facebook has changed its terms recently, as you’ll know, a video is one of the few mediums that isn’t going to be punished by them and pushed further down feeds because you’re a brand or business.

If you’ve not gone live yet, write that blog for your website, and do a Facebook live about it, that way you’ve almost got a script to work from (just don’t read it word for word)

3. Now You’ve done your first facebook live

So you’ve done a Facebook live, and it’s sat on your business page, but, what now?  Well, what about making this content work for you too?  You can have this content taken away from you and re-purposed to help back up your marketing for that month of your schedule.  For example, you could have done a Facebook live, that content can then be edited into small bite size pieces you can post on your social media to point back to your main blog sat on your website.  Those videos could be turned into memes to be used on Twitter and uploaded natively to Facebook alike to keep pushing back to your website.

How Creatively Are You Shouting
An example of a meme

Also, don’t forget, the main video can be taken and uploaded to youtube too, so you can embed that full Facebook live content, into your website/blog on the same subject.  Also, all your short-form content can be uploaded to youtube as well.  As I’m sure you already know, content on youtube can help increase your SEO, and website dwell times etc. well these are extra pieces of content can do all of that, and help build you an audience on another platform.


These are just some of the small things you can think about for your visual content, and making it work for you.

If you’d like to speak to me about any of this, how we could help you with the re-purposing, or anything else at all, just drop me an email on [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you.